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What we do

See the potential:

MS Positive is all about seeing the potential in the individual not the illness.  There is no ‘normal’: there are only different people with different talents and different challenges to overcome. We exist to help individuals impacted by MS fulfill their full potential whatever challenges they face.

Focus on family:

MS Positive is family-focused.  We are the only charity that places families impacted by MS at its heart.  The support we provide can be tailored to individual family needs to ensure that they don’t miss out on the opportunities available to friends and peers.

Small and bespoke:

MS Positive is small and personal not large and corporate.   We work to understand individuals specific needs and provide really practical support from healthy living and bespoke exercise regimes, to emotional support, networking groups and a hotline.

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Practical, evidence-based information

High quality, professional services, counselling and advice

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