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Medical cannabis could be available on prescription for people with MS

Medical cannabis - which is thought to provide relief from pain and muscle spasms for some people with MS - is to be made available on prescription after being approved for use by the Government. Doctors will be able to prescribe medicine derived from marijuana “by the autumn” the Home Office has announced.  The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, [...]

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Today, I was brought an angel

Today has been an amazing day. I was brought an angel. I woke up to an email on my MS POSITIVE address: it was from a newly diagnosed lady of 46.   She wrote to me about her fears, so immediately phoned her, I went to meet up with her, It was like looking at a [...]

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Toni’s at it again

Following on from Toni’s momentous climb up Mount Etna last October, raising £80,000 to launch MS Positive, she’s been at it again!  This time she has been on holiday trekking through the snow and the mountains in the French Alpine resort of Courcheval. No wonder she calls it the MS Charity with the “can-do attitude”. [...]

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I have been stuck

Let me blog.  I love to write.  The truth, however, is that I have been stuck. MS positive is all about positivity.  That’s why we started it: positive attitude equals positive outcome. Whatever happens to you, my belief - however simplistic - is that  you have to try to find the positive.  I really do try [...]

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Is Pilates an effective rehabilitation tool?

 Why does MS Positive place so much store by the fitness classes it offers?  We thought readers might be interested by the findings of this academic review: Is Pilates an effective rehabilitation tool? A systematic review. Byrnes K1, Wu PJ1, Whillier S2. Author information  Abstract BACKGROUND: Pilates is a system of exercise focusing upon controlled movement, stretching [...]

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