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Our directors and trustees

Toni Krok
Toni Krok
My name is Toni Krok and I’m 41 years old.

I have 2 gorgeous girls who are 14 and 11. I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago and when I heard the words Multiple Sclerosis I immediately thought my life had come an end. I was completely unaware of what Multiple Sclerosis meant and the only thing I visualised was a wheelchair.

It took me some time to come to terms with my diagnosis and still unsure if fully accepting of it! I, like everybody else, have good and bad days. The way I’ve chosen to deal with my diagnosis is through positive thinking, exercise and healthy eating. I am very determined and stubborn and refuse to let MS get the better of me. There is nothing I believe I cannot do, even though I might have to do things slightly slower then others but I WILL DO IT!

I would like to help other people with MS to have the same CAN DO attitude!

Janine Oppenheim
Janine Oppenheim
I’m a 46 year old mother of 2 boys and live in beautiful London. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and love living in the UK. I ran a charity called The Generations Walk for 3 years, which raised over £300 000 for Breast Cancer Campaign, and then unfortunately my mentor of the charity passed away so it was dissolved. A year later, my best friend who has Multiple Sclerosis (Toni!) has inspired me to start up a charity with her and that’s how MS POSITIVE was born!

My motivation behind this ‘can do’ charity is to get people feeling as good as Toni feels (and looks!) due to plenty exercise, movement and living a positive healthy lifestyle!

Other members of our team

Trevor Berkowitz

Jillian Berelowitz

Gail Seal

Dr Eli Silber (Consultant Neurologist and Medical Adviser to MS Positive)

Our Organisation

MS Positive is a new charity, established in 2017 to provide practical, bespoke advice and support to those with MS, primarily living in the North London area.  MS Positive is the inspiration of Toni Krok, a North London mum who was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago.   MS Positive is about living your life in a positive way whatever each day brings.  This is Toni’s attitude.  She is very much aware of the financial and family advantages that she has had, which have given her access to high quality support and advice, and wants others with MS to have the same opportunities and life chances, whatever challenges they face.  MS Positive places families at its heart, focusing on the individual not the illness, because that’s what Toni does.  Because it is human-sized, MS Positive is able to work with individuals and families to understand their very specific needs. We aim to provide really practical support from healthy living and bespoke exercise regimes, to emotional support, networking groups and a hotline.

Short note on funding

MS Positive is register as a UK charity (charity number: 1175850) and seeks to raise £100,000 in its first year from generous private donors, trusts and fundraising events and activities.

Link to annual reports and accounts

We are currently in our first year of operation.   These will be available here.  For further information contact toni@mspositive.co.uk