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Living with MS can often come with financial as well as medical complications: for some, this might take the form of making it hard to hold down a job or to undertake caring responsibilities; for others it just makes life more expensive, forcing those with MS to use taxis or maintain a car rather than rely on public transport, requiring expensive house adaptations, or pay for domestic help.

MS Positive recognises this, which is why we are so delighted to have secured the services of Annie Aarons to help us provide practical advice and support to anyone facing such difficulties.

Annie is a Housing Manager for a property rental company. A large proportion of her work involves helping prospective tenants to navigate the benefits systems.

Thanks to MS Positive, Annie was recently able to help a lady with MS who had been suffering financially in silence, along with her family, to access the benefits to which she is entitled. In her case these included Personal Independent Payments (PIPs), but might also have covered Housing and Carers benefits, universal credit or any number of other forms of financial support available to those in need from the Government, but often extraordinarily complex to understand.

Annie is passionate about supporting those with MS, having gone through a scare of her own some years ago.   Previously, she worked on a voluntary basis with the Aims2Cure committee, helping to raise money for research and equipment for those affected by MS. She says:

“Unfortunately, a lot of people with life changing conditions don’t have the confidence or the strength sometimes to sit down and fill forms and gather paperwork to access these benefits.

“This is where MS Positive and I come in to help. I have the patience to sit and help achieve these goals for you. So don’t be embarrassed: pick up the phone and ask for help, that’s what we are here for.”

To contact Annie please email