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MS Positive is the inspiration of Toni Krok, a North London mum who was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago.   MS Positive is about living your life in a positive way whatever each day brings.  This is Toni’s attitude.  She is determined that her MS should not stop her being herself nor limit her potential, nor the potential of her children.

In response to her own experiences, she has set up MS Positive to help other families impacted by MS.  She is very much aware of the advantages that she has had, which have given her access to high quality support and advice, and wants others with MS to have the same opportunities and life chances, whatever challenges they face.

MS Positive places families at its heart, focusing on the individual not the illness, because that’s what Toni does.  Because it is human-sized, MS Positive is able to work with individuals and families to understand their very specific needs. We aim to provide really practical support from healthy living and bespoke exercise regimes, to emotional support, networking groups and a hotline.

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