Today, I was brought an angel

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Today, I was brought an angel

Today has been an amazing day.

I was brought an angel. I woke up to an email on my MS POSITIVE address: it was from a newly diagnosed lady of 46.   She wrote to me about her fears, so immediately phoned her, I went to meet up with her, It was like looking at a mirror image of myself 13 years ago.

The fear, the turmoil and the shock, that any new diagnoses brings with it.

The questions she was asking me: will I be in a wheel chair? How do I tell my children? Her thoughts, when she said to me the person she is most worried about at the moment, is her husband, I went cold.

Standing on my head

That was exactly my thoughts, when driving from the hospital after my diagnoses.The fact that she says to me she never stops for a minute, because when you stop, You think. This makes me smile because that is me.

All I can say is that no thinking, no worrying. So for people who have been newly diagnosed, my advice to you is, just like the person next to you, who doesn’t know where he will be tomorrow, neither do you.

Do the best you can on that day, and try not to worry about tomorrow. As whatever tomorrow is meant to bring, it will bring.

While I write this, I am reminding myself of the same very things, just try not to over think it all. It’s hard, but I think that’s the best advice anyone can give you.

So, thank you for my email today, thank you for our meeting.  I hope I changed someone’s life today, you changed mine for the better.

Slowly, slowly, it will all make sense, keep positive, keep smiling and have a great week!

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