I have been stuck

//I have been stuck

I have been stuck

Let me blog.  I love to write.  The truth, however, is that I have been stuck.

MS positive is all about positivity.  That’s why we started it: positive attitude equals positive outcome. Whatever happens to you, my belief – however simplistic – is that  you have to try to find the positive.  I really do try to live by these guidelines.  It makes it easier for me to accept the road ahead .

When I say “road ahead” I mean the work I have to do . “Have to” is also quite a hectic term: no one has to do anything.  You can chose to do nothing .

This does not just pertain to people diagnosed with illness, it pertains to people living life.  Some chose to be challenged, whilst others chose to simply accept what they are given and be happy.  In my humble opinion, the later is the easier option, or maybe not.

The last few weeks I can honestly say I have felt resentment about my physical condition.  I’m not sure why now but over the last month it has been heightened.

I think perhaps it was the beach that caused this. Funny that: the beach is a place of tranquility and beauty.  And, yes, it is that, but it is also a battle for me.  The sand is uneven, each step is difficult and – try as one may to see the beauty and of course you do – it is jaded by the harshness of walking on the moving sand.

For me, I learned the sand will always move just like the goalposts, but try as hard as you can to find one point of joy on your journey. Don’t ever forget that the smallest piece of joy can be your biggest.  Life is tough.  Life is hard. Life is real !! No one promised it would be easy!!!

The last two weeks have been rough for me and I’m sure for many MS sufferers, but I tried my hardest to channel my thoughts positively and believe me it has helped .

I’m over the slump, maybe not as strong as I was two months ago but I’m getting there, one foot in front of the other, SLOWLY.

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