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Our work is in three main areas. We:

Provide practical and emotional support including support groups and a hotline, website and forums for families, so those with MS can speak directly to those in the same situation

Promote a holistic, whole family approach to improving quality of life through exercise and pilates classes, advice on healthy eating and living, practical advice about benefits and financial support and access child-care which is safe and is shaped about families’ needs

We run a small grants programme with a total budget of £22,000 for this calendar year, to support individuals and organisations that provide practical and emotional support to people affected by MS, their families and friends, or who are themselves affected by MS.  If you would like to learn more please follow this link.  Please note we are unable to pay for medical treatment or research.

Long term, we aim to bring all our services together under one roof, providing a safe place in North London – MS Positive’s geographical focus – where individuals and families can come to feel supported and access all the services above and more.

For this reason, all our physical services are based in North London, although virtual services and support are offered nationally.